Magento 1 PWA base pack

We proudly present our Progressive Web App (PWA) solution for Magento.

Offering your clients a better and faster web experience with amazing commercial results and the push messaging integration.

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450,00 €
Magento PWA Base
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450,00 €
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  • Push notifications
    Sending promotions directly to the users mobile platform, reaching out to clients which before were unreachable.
  • Customizable skin
    The complete new Magento Frame work can be customized by any trained webmaster.
  • Technical
  • New magento base template files
    Our solution comes with a complete new template set in order to meet the latest standards.
  • JSON Manifest
    Minimizing code loading time and optimizing the performance of the website.
  • DNS Prefetching
    Optimizing cache and reloading content before users continue on your store.
  • jpg to WebM image processor
    The new web standard for images WebM. With less data the same image quality minimizing your data transfer.
  • Offline cache storage
    Storing data on the visitors´ device reduces the loading time and even lets users browse offline.
  • App install
    For chrome and firefox users our PWA solution offers an App install which has the look and feel of a native app.
Más información
Objetivo Mejorar Velocidad
Versiones de Magento soportadas 1.9.x
Idiomas disponibles Inglés, Español, Alemán
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