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Increase your sales by offering your customers a customized quote send by e-mail, created in the backend of Magento® 2.
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The Order Quotation Module for Magento® 2 helps you increasing your sales by offering your customers a proposal before they proceed with their purchase.

This module adds this functionality and let's you manage quotation from the backend. You can create a new order from the backend by using an existing or customer request and send them a quote. The order will get a special status indicating that a quote has been sent. Once it is approved by the customer, you can continue with the natural workflow of the order.

Main functionalities:
  • Create proposals
    Select products from the Magento® 2 store, adjust the price and send out a proposal to the customer
  • Manage proposals
    See all outstanding quotiation in the Magento® 2 backend order overview
  • Edit proposals
    Your client wants you to offer him a better proposal? No problem. Use the edit option of your order and resend it.
  • Customize pricing of products
    By default Magento® 2 will offer you the default price for all clients in a specific group. When making the quotation you can adjust the price, in order to offer a great deal!
  • Send proposals
    After you easily created the proposal you just send the quotation as if it were an order.
  • Transactional emails
    The Order Quotation Module includes by default two transactional emails, which can be adjusted in the Magento® 2 backend.
More Information
Objective Improve Sales
Supported Magento versions 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x
Languages English
Download manual 2Manual_OrderQuotation_v.1.0.0.pdf
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