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Is your average sale amount over € 250? Then increase your sales with 35% by offering your clients our exclusive downpayment option for Magento®.


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Downpayments or spread payments for Magento® are very common when orders come in large amounts. The customers make an initial payment as a deposit and completes the payment once they have received their products.

How does it work?

A client processes a normal checkout procedure and selects "Down Payment" as payment method. It will be required a downpayment, which is a percentage of the total amount previously set by the administrator. In the backend, the order will show as "Pending down payment". Once the payment has been made, the order will get the status "Processing" and it will be processed as usual, but after being delivered, the status will be "Pending full payment", until the rest h1is made by the customer. Once the customer receives the products and completes the payment, the administrator can complete the order.

  • Set a % of the amount to be down paid
  • Multistore
  • Paypal compatible
  • Set minimum order quantity

This method is a real sales-booster for e-commerce business that has large average order amounts and want to meet their clients' risk expectations. The downpayment module on average increases sales with 35% on orders with large amounts.

More Information
Objective Improve Sales
Supported Magento versions 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
Languages English
Download manual Manual_DownPaymentModule v1.0.6.pdf
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